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    Default Fox Star to go ahead with the release of Bol Bachchan on 6 July despite obstacle

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    Fox Star Studios is gung-ho and very optimistic about their upcoming release Bol Bachchan.

    Said Fox Star Studios CEO Vijay Singh, “Bol Bachchan couldn’t have come at a better time. It’s a hilarious comedy and an end-to-end entertainer, which will leave audiences asking for more. We have already had a great response to the videos, promos, music and trailers which are on air at the moment.”

    On the ongoing conflict, he stated, “We are aware of recent media reports, surrounding claims being made by third parties against one of the producers, Shri Ashtavinayak and would say that these are issues between Ashtavinayak and its creditors.”

    The entire episode stems from the fact that film financier Raju Shah has moved court against Ashtavinayak, alleging they owe him monies to the tune of Rs 36 crores. If that was not all, cheques worth Rs 8 crores of a total of Rs 36 crores were bounced. Shah had threatened to stop release of the film.

    Averred film’s producer and lead actor Ajay Devgn, “The media reports relate to older issues between Shri Ashtavinayak and other parties and will not affect our release date of 6th of July. We are in the midst of promoting the film and have had great feedback from the promos of Bol Bachchan.”

    Later Singh went on to add, “We have acquired all rights to the film and are committed to releasing it on the appointed day worldwide. We are a reputable organization whose paramount obligations are to our exhibitors and our audiences. Whilst we prepare full throttle for our release on the 6 July, we already have plans to work with Ajay Devgn and Rohit Shetty on such collaborations in future as this experience for us has been wonderful.”

    No one from Ashtavinayak wished to comment on the issue.



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