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    It's all about formula, really. And it's the same old beaten bull. It's worked in the past. It will work again. MBKD's big USP is its 'fresh pairing', but really no matter how fresh the pairs or pears are, just the sheer numbers of clone-films the leads have done seem like they've already been there doing that.

    MBKD is so predictable that the entire theater was chanting the dialogue in unison before they were said. If you've even glimpsed the trailer, you know exactly what to expect. Ali Zafar wants an Indian bride (as opposed to English, not Pakistani). He asks his younger brother Imran Khan to find one. Khan spots Katrina Kaif and - here's the biggest plot twist in the movie - falls in love with her. Wowee.

    The remaining 14 hours are spent telling how they manage to get together without pissing anyone off. Winnie the Pooh cartoons have graver crises. Everyone is cute, cuddly, calm, composed, and immensely respectful to each other (in MBKD, not Pooh).

    There is no problem that a little bhang cannot solve (unfortunately not available to the audience). Once there was a father in DDLJ, a character so impregnable to the lovers' charms, that till the very end, there was always a question of will he or won't he. Now the fathers take all of three minutes to comply with their kids' wishes.

    There was a certain coming of age of romcom entertainers with the (very good) Band Baja Baarat last year, culturally anchored and engaging not because of the characters' looks but strong writing.

    Now all we have is a bunch of old jokes and one-liners mouthed by stars on recycled sets. And for heaven's sake, "yeh koi film thodi hai ki…" is not a valid dialogue in this genre. Or in any film that is - clearly - a film.

    Predictableness is okay too, only if it didn't stretch to the point where you could have all the popcorn in a multiplex on your own and still have the movie running, packed as it is with dozens of dispensable scenes. It's that long! It wouldn't be surprising if YRF decides to snip off a song or two in the next few days.

    Imran Khan is back to his romcom safe zone. He claims this is the earthiest role he's played. Nonsense. He's the same like he is in all his other romcoms. Even his profile of an assistant director is similar to as it was in I Hate Luv Storys.

    At least the boy's consistent. His best friends, however, are much better etched. Katrina Kaif is pretty and carefree. And the film is designed for her real life persona. She's hardly any different in manner from what you'd see of her in an interview.

    And because she brings oomph to an already existing template, she is - admittedly - good. If you measure a film's VFMness by its length and cuteness level, or you just want to stare at Katrina then MBKD is for you. But my recommendation of the week would be Soderbergh's Contagion. The germs provide far more thrills.

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