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    Back in college, enamoured by Bollywood flicks, Ameira Punvani would always get her dresses customised by local tailors. She would pick the fabric and get it stitched the way she liked.
    Years later, she is doing the same for A-listers in Bollywood and enjoying the change. Her latest commission involved creating Amitabh Bachchan’s look in Teen Patti.

    To create Bachchan’s wardrobe for the flick, Ameira says, she studied films from the 70s like Deewar and Don. She says, “I had to give him the retro look. You know, replete with bell bottom trousers and dog collared shirts. I studied old movies and created the look. To give him the right look, I even searched everywhere for the right pair of glasses for him – the slightly larger ones that have a yellowish golden rim.”

    To find the pair, Ameira almost spent two days at an optical store. She says, “I rummaged in this really big optical store for their oldest stuff. I was willing to go to their godown too. But, after two days, I found the perfect pair. It was more expensive for me to get the lenses put in this frame than the entire frame itself.”

    When Ameira presented the look to Bachchan, she says he just smiled. She adds, “He saw all my designs and tried everything on. He gave me his alterations, but changed nothing.”

    Now that the film is over and released, what happens to the clothes she created? “The clothes just go back into the trunks,” she says, adding, “Until you require them again for promotions, the clothes are packed. When you see these clothes going in the trunk, it feels like they’re being buried. These clothes are expensive; you have costumes that have been made to order. It is like a burial,” she says.

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