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    Default Films should not be preachy: Farah Khan

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    Filmmaker Farah Khan believes that films should not be preachy, but adds that a filmmaker should ensure that his or her film is not sending out wrong kind of messages.

    " The movies, instead of having a preachy message, should show you the right principles without preaching or without making it on that message. So, if there is a movie, make sure that the women are not depicted terribly or horribly in it," the 48-year-old said here Tuesday at a Special Rally by P&G Shiksha for School Children.

    "It may be entertaining, it could be fun to watch, it could have song and dance but it should not send out sub-consciously a wrong message into the audience. I think that is the responsibility of every filmmaker," she added.

    Meanwhile, filmmaker Arbaaz Khan, who made his debut as director with Dabangg 2 last year, sees films as pure entertainers.

    "I personally believe that movies are predominately for entertainment and if you can encapsulate a message and lace it very sweetly, then fine," he said.

    Arbaaz was also present at the event.

    "But I think there are other platforms where a message has to be given very strongly. Let's keep movies purely for entertainment," he added.



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