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    Default Filmmakers arenít injurious to health: Mukesh Bhatt

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    As the financial year comes to an end, the entertainment industry is feeling the pinch due to the Centre's order that will see a 12.36% service tax being levied on film and television actors and every film's earnings.

    And to find a solution to this, filmmakers were scheduled to meet yesterday. The meeting was called by the Association of Motion Pictures and Television Program Producers (AMPTPP). Sajid Nadiadwala, president, AMPTPP, told us before the meeting, "The meeting is scheduled for 5pm today (Wednesday). We have called all individual companies and corporate houses, as well as stand-alone producers for it. The government's decision is already in effect. This means that all of us would have to pay a 12.36% service tax on all our earnings - whether it is through our films or any other deals we do. It also applies to actors, who will now even have to pay this tax on their endorsement earnings. We're already paying taxes. So why this additional tax? We want to resolve the issue; we'll decide the course of action."

    Mukesh Bhatt, president of the Film and Television Producers Guild of India, said, "We have to decide if we have to call for a shutdown. It's not our choice, we are compelled to do so." Bhatt feels profits made by filmdom are along the lines earned by the tobacco and alcohol industries. "Statistics say that the amount earned by films is as high as that earned by the tobacco and alcohol industries. Ours is a creative team, so my request to the government is that don't look at us in the same way; we aren't injurious to health."

    Ramesh Taurani said, "We'll have to find a solution to this in the meeting. It's an additional burden on us." When asked whether the filmmakers would go on strike for the same, AMPTPP's VP said, "We have to convey our views to the government. Whether we will go on strike or not has not been decided yet."

    If they do go on strike, which was to be finalised during the meeting (which hadn't taken place by the time we went to press), no film will release in that time period.

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