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    Arrow 'I feel 25,' says Shah Rukh on his 44th birthday

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    Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan turned 44 Monday, but said he still feels just 25 - barring the physical problems he has had in the past year. The heartthrob also said he wants to work for youngsters and underprivileged girls.

    "I have been in my 40s since a few years now and I gracefully accept the age. But honestly, I feel like I am just 25 or 26 except for the physical problems I've had in my past year," Shah Rukh told reporters here.

    "Maybe I look older, but then when I look younger, people say I get plastic surgeries done to my face. When I look old, they say I am over and done with. But the fact is that when I sleep well, I look young and when I don't get enough sleep, I look old," he quipped.

    The actor underwent an arthroscopic surgery for acute pain in his left shoulder here in February and was on a forced break to recuperate completely. But he promises to make up for his absence.

    "I am a workaholic, but in the last year I couldn't do much due to my shoulder problem, my team Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) didn't do too well and I shot for just one film 'My Name Is Khan'. My injury also pulled me down in terms of my endorsements but I had time to introspect and spend a quieter time at home and with my children.

    "I feel more energetic and happy now and totally ready for a comeback with many projects in the next two years after this one year break," added Shah Rukh.

    Apart from work, he wants to do good to society by "doing something for youngsters, underprivileged girls and talk to 16- 17-year-old children who are on the threshold of voting for the government and lead the world forward".

    "I don't know whether I want to join an NGO or something of the likes, but in my heart, I have this strong feeling that I want to give something back to society," he said.


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