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    Default No fear of punishment in India : Amrita Rao

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    Amrita Rao is super excited about her upcoming film Jolly LLB. The actress in a candid interview talks about her film, sheds light on her opinion about Indian law and Subhash Kapoor as a director.

    Jolly LLB revolves around Boman Irani and Arshad Warsi. Were you insecure?
    I was aware that it's not a love story and I know the role of the girl in the film is significant for Jolly. As they say behind every successful man there is a woman, it's something on those lines in Jolly LLB. Arshad, Boman, my role which is so different and Subhash Kapoor's direction is a perfect combination.

    What will you say about Jolly LLB?
    Jolly LLB is not Golmaal. It's not a film where things happen to make people laugh. It's a satire on the way courts operate and the law system. Also, along with a thriller case that's solved in the film. Don't expect Golmaal. The fun element will be about the circumstances where it makes you laugh, but its reality. The court which we have seen in films is far from real situations. In Jolly LLB, there are real situations.

    What do you think about law in India?
    In our country people are not worried about punishment. At every level there is so much of corruption. Specially the rich people can get away with it and spend life on bail. Fear of punishment and quick trail needs to be implemented. Our laws which are set are old.
    Under 16 and Under 18 sections are ok for stealing or robbing, bur not a huge crime for rape.You have to have different rules and the rules have to be defined.

    Tell us something about Subhash Kapoor?
    He is very firm and he is not confused. For every actor to find a director who knows what he wants is very important.

    You are one actress, who has been non controversial. Any reasons?
    I think I always wanted to be non controversial. You accept life which you want and I always want to be in news for good things and I have operated myself in such manner.



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