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    Default My favourite: Milind Soman

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    Q. Your favourite perfume?
    A. I donít apply it. But then too I love the essence of Sandalwood. Then thereís attar, which you get in Rajasthan. It has a smell of the mitti just after the rains. That brings peace to your mind.

    Q. Your favourite car?
    A. I like executive cars like Mercedes.

    Q. Your favourite holiday destination?
    A. Canít be one. I love to explore places so it goes on changing. I love Goa and Ladakh in India. I also love East Africa a lot.

    Q. Your favourite eating joint?
    A. I love the food cooked by my mom. If I go out I like the food you get in Tiffinís. I also like couple of Japanese food restaurants in Taj.

    Q. Your favourite recipe?
    A. I donít cook. But I like Baingan Ka Bharta a lot that my mom cooks for me.

    Q. Your favourite actor?
    A. Balraj Sahani. Off course Amitabh Bachan too. I also like Hrithik Roshan.

    Q. Your favourite actress?
    A. Nutan and Sridevi.

    Q. Your favourite gadget?
    A. I like I pods.

    Q. Your fitness regime?
    A. I like to run a lot. I also like swimming.

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