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    Default Fardeen canít smoke in poster

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    Sanjay Gupta incurred a loss of Rs 20 lakh to recreate the publicity designs of Acid Factory. The earlier poster showed Fardeen Khan smoking

    When Sanjay Gupta got an innovative publicity poster designed of his forthcoming film, Acid Factory, little did he know that it would burn a deep hole in his pocket. Since the publicity design showed Fardeen Khan smoking, which is not allowed as per government laws, Gupta had to spend 20 crores to replace around 1000 standees (publicity posters), with a non-smoking picture of Fardeen.

    A source says, ďAfter Sanjay Gupta had dispatched the standees, someone informed him that he couldnít display them in theatres, as according to the government rule, no posters or publicity material can show anyone smoking. So Gupta had to make fresh ones..Ē

    Producer Sanjay Gupta confirms the news and says, ďIt is true. We had made about 1000 standees but the fact that we cannot use a picture of someone smoking slipped from our minds. Then some theatre guy called us and informed us that the standees canít be used. It was a total waste of time and money but I guess a rule is a rule and we have to follow it. The new batch has been ordered and will be dispatched. We have to deliver it before September 18 to the theatres as it has to release with the film, Wanted.Ē

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