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    Default Fardeen Khan speaks on joy of fatherhood

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    Fardeen Khan who has gone through some tough times lately is finally emerging from the dark clouds. His wife Natasha who has been in London since November last year, is expecting twins.

    Exultant and excited Fardeen spoke from London. “We’ve waited very long for this. It will be seven years of marriage on the 7th December. The babies are expected any time in April. Both of us are naturally very excited. Parenthood is a natural progression in a couple’s married life. Natasha and I are finally getting there.I t feels like a dream.”

    Fardeen’s wife will give birth to the twins in London. “She’s been here in London since November last year. So it’s been like I am back in school having a telephonic relationship with my beloved. But you know what? It’s worth the effort. Because she feels safe, secure and comfortable here with her mom (actress Mumtaz) around. I don’t have to worry about her while I am in Mumbai.”

    About the babies being born in London Fardeen says, “Firstly, Natasha can’t travel in her condition. So it’s wise to let her stay in London. Secondly I don’t want her or the twins in Mumbai at the moment, what with dengue, malaria and typhoid going around. I feel they’re better off here. My wife and the twins will travel back only when the twins are strong enough to make that journey.”

    Fardeen has been traveling back and forth between Mumbai and London constantly. He’s back in India at the end of November.

    Says the actor, “It’s been a very hectic time. Natasha has just undergone the three-month scan and since the doctors said all was fine I tweeted about the twins. Ever since my tweet we’ve been flooded with congratulatory calls. It feels great. We both prayed very hard for this. Now that it’s finally coming true. Please pray everything to go well.”

    Fardeen also has plans of re-starting his father’s banner F K International. “There are three projects on the anvil. I realize it’s about time I resumed my father’s banner. But right now my focus is completely on Natasha and the babies. Even when I am back in India I am still with them in London. Until the babies arrive I can’t think of anything else.”



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