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    Default Farah Khan determined to release documentary on Ashok Mehta

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    When Ashok Mehta passed away suddenly on 15 August he left behind a gorgeous legacy. Film critic Khalid Mohamed had been busy piecing together the complicated pieces of Mehta’s accomplishment in a documentary when the cinematographer passed away.

    And now, when Mehta is gone and the documentary remains unfinished, Farah Khan who is closely associated with the project, is more determined than ever to see make sure the documentary is released.
    Speaking about her involvement with this ambitious documentary Farah says,

    “It started off simply enough when Khalid Mohamed told me he was making a documentary on Ashok Mehta. Since I knew Ashok very close he suggested I interview him for the documentary. I happily trudged to Ashok’s home to spend one evening with him. Little did I know that was just the beginning.”

    That one enlightening session with Ashok turned for Farah into a preamble for many such sessions spent with the man who re-defined cinematography.
    Says Farah, “After that one meeting I found myself going back to Ashok many times again for the documentary. The more I met him the more I realized how much Ashok had achieved as a professional. I was hooked. I think meeting Ashok for Khalid’s documentary was a turning-point in my relationship with cinema.”

    Farah feels the documentary must be released. “Future generations should know what Ashok Mehta was all about. I think Khalid has collected an amazing volume of facts and visuals on Ashok. Although Ashok is gone, the documentary must be completed and shown to the world.”

    Farah is willing to pitch in with whatever the saga of Ashok Mehta takes to get released.

    “I am very much there to see the film completed. But Khalid has to take the final decision on how and when to release it.”



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