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    Default It's fantastic to experiment: Vidya

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    Vidya Balan is looking good these days and for a good reason. The actress has lost around 10 kgs and is looking slimmer and fitter than ever.
    Mine has been more of a mental struggle with weight. Earlier, I was obsessed with losing weight and if the results didn’t show up within the time frame I had set, I would give up,” she admits. Vidya credits her weight loss to her attitude that’s undergone a major makeover. She says, “The day I changed my attitude, exercise became less about weight loss and more about keeping fit.” So, is she going to join the size-zero bandwagon? “No way!” she exclaims. “Being fit is good. I don’t like it when everyone starts looking alike. I think we should celebrate being different. One shouldn’t follow something because it suits someone else. I would want to be fit, but then I also want people to accept me the way I am. Look at Salma Hayek... she is not the thinnest, but she is among the hottest. Personally speaking, what appeals to me is the Indian figure. It’s fantastic to experiment, but you need to maintain your style.”

    Copying others doesn’t seem to be Vidya’s cup of tea, but does the actress know that a search for Vidya Balan on a networking site shows three results. Three people claiming to be the real ‘Vidya Balan’. Not just that, they even have other celebs on their friends list. Now, we don’t know if those celebs are for real, but Vidya sure was surprised to know that she has an online profile. With info about her family, friends, hobbies and interests all available for public consumption, it’s difficult to believe that it’s not her. “It’s definitely not me. If people think they are chatting with me then someone’s fooling them,” she says. The actress does want to get in touch with her fans online, but she has yet to find time for that. “When I do that, I’ll let everyone know. It’ll be a great way to keep in touch with my audience,” she says.

    The actress did have some trouble keeping in touch with her family recently as she was shooting in Wai for Vishal Bharadwaj’s Ishqiya. With no network, the actress enjoyed her stint away from the media glare. “If you ask me, I’ll say that after Parineeta, I have really worked hard on this project. I was away from everything. We were cut off from everything. And that’s actually great for an actor. When you are in Mumbai, there are things that are constantly on your mind. But when you are cut off, you can focus on one thing. Cinema’s all consuming. This kind of an environment is perfect to let cinema consume you.” But doesn’t she miss being away from Mumbai? “Not at all. I love being cut off,” she says.



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