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    Default Families of SOTY cast to watch film on Thursday

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    Although Karan Johar has graciously decided to have a screening of Student Of The Year on Thursday evening for the family members of the film's principal cast debutants Sidharth Malhotra, Alia Bhatt and Varun Dhawan, Alia's protective Didi, elder sister Pooja Bhatt has decided to stay away from the family screening.

    Pooja would rather watch Alia with the audience at a public screening. "I'm going to see it first day first show on Friday. I can't wait. I do have the option of seeing it the night before. But, I'd rather see it with an unprejudiced audience. I've watched most of my own films on Friday with the ticket-paying public."

    While Pooja plays the protective elder sister with utmost sincerity, her brother Rahul Bhatt is completely disconnected from Alia's life and career. Rahul sheepishly admits to not knowing his stepsister's cellphone number.

    The film's other debutant Varun Dhawan's father filmmaker David Dhawan, confesses he and his wife can't wait to see their son on screen.

    "We are watching the film on the 18th night. Can you believe, we haven't seen single frame of Varun's work as yet!"



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