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    Default I was extremely anger and bitter after No Smoking: Anurag Kashyap

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    I was extremely anger and bitter after No Smoking: Anurag Kashyap
    By Joginder Tuteja

    Anurag Kashyap is having the last laugh. Barring a review or two that were not favorable, Anurag's 'Dev D' has witnessed glowing reviews coming it's way. While critics have been won over almost unanimously, even audience too has started warming up to the film once the shock of seeing 'Devdas' in a contemporary 'avtar' started wearing off.

    "It's ok, I expected the audience to be shocked", says Anurag who can finally afford a smile on his face now, "My 'Dev D' stretches on how 'Devdas' would be today; how relationships would be in contemporary times.

    We don't see such relationships being long lasting. I wanted to get into the shoes of the kids who are being accused of wrong doing but my question is - 'Are they actually wrong?'"

    He admits that in the last 5-6 years, he has come across quite a few rich kids (on which the characters of 'Dev D' have been based), who had good money at their disposal but went haywire. Also, due to no one giving them any direction, it seemed like a point of no return for them.

    "Yes, they may be irresponsible but do we have to penalize them for life for their so-called offense? This was one of the major focus points of 'Dev D'", he says.

    Now that his 'Dev D' has turned out to be a favorable venture for him, has his post-'No Smoking' anger subsided?

    Smiles Anurag, "To be honest, I was extremely anger and bitter after 'No Smoking'.

    People reviewed me rather than the movie. It was a new kind of film and while it was getting international recognition, in my own country it was being ripped apart.

    I learnt a lesson though and it was that it you have to do something new, you have to go step by step. First and foremost, look at how the film would recover money. 'No Smoking' was an expensive film and it hurt"

    He does not disown the film though even as 'Dev D' is bringing him much needed critical acclaim as well as audience acceptance.

    "And why should I", questions Anurag, "I am fond of 'No Smoking' till date. When I look back, I feel we were not honest about the film from the marketing front. We should have been honest from Day One because it was not a quintessential 'masala' movie. We should have made it clear in the promos itself. But no, we didn't do so."

    "People thought that it was an anti-smoking movie or something. Heck, some even believed that it was a John-Bipasha starrer due to all the 'Phoonk De Re' happening around them", he winks.

    So how did he come out of the film's failure? "The only way to put the disappointment of 'No Smoking' behind was to make another film. This led to 'Dev D' and here I am", concludes Anurag Kashyap.

    Of course the smile continues to play on!

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