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    Kareena Kapoor Khan has been fortunate enough to be associated with good films even after her marriage. In an exclusive interview with Bollywood3, Kareena speaks about her forthcoming film and her criteria for choosing a role. Letís see what she has to say.

    First of all, tell us something about Gori Tere Pyar Mein?

    I think its a very good film which is extremely entertaining. The story, the songs, this film has everything that people these days look for in a movie.

    You have shot in Bhuj, Gujarat, the same place you shot for your first film, Refugee. How was the experience?

    During my Refugee days, there were only two flights that used to go there in a week, and now there is one flight every day. The entire market area in Bhuj has changed and Gujarat itself has changed so much. When Punit Malhotra said that we were going to shoot in the same place, I was so excited. I took Punit and Imran around Bhuj and showed them places where we used to stay and eat during our Refugee shoot.

    How was it working again with Imran Khan after Ek Main Aur Ek Tu?

    Well, I make a great pair with Imran and I love working with him. He is very different to any other bollywood actor as he is completely non-filmy. For me, it is really important that I be happy in my co-starís company and Imran is extremely supportive in that case. Professionally, he has grown so much and has done a great job in Gori Tere Pyar Mein.

    Tell us something about your character in the film?

    I play a social activist in the film who is always up for a cause. She feels that cleaning up the entire nation is her responsibility and that is where her and Imranís ideologies differ int he film.

    You are doing different roles these days, any particular strategy behind it?

    There is absolutely no strategy. It is the story and character that makes me want to do movies even after my wedding. My priority is to work with people that I am comfortable with. Right from my first film till date, I have always looked for a comfort zone in all my films.

    Any project that you have said no to, because of the cast?

    That has happened only on the script level. I have said no to thousands of films. For example, I had rejected Kal Ho Na Ho, but have no regrets at all. I am not a kind of person that ever looks back.

    What made you say yes to Gori Tere Pyar Mein?

    I did the film because of the village portion in the second half. Everyone will surely like it and people will say that the movie has got a certain charm because of this portion.

    How was it shooting in a village.?

    Well, the people there still have some innocence left in them. I loved the entire village experience as it has a different charm associated with it.

    Movie promotions have become an integral part these days. Donít you think it gets tiring?

    Ya, a lot. But I like giving interviews as it helps me stay connected with my fans.

    Master blaster, Sachin Tendulkar is retiring. What do have to say about that?

    Of course! we all will miss him. He is a living legend.

    With that we ended our conversation with Kareena and wished her the best of luck for her upcoming film. Keep watching *************** for the complete movie review an updates on Gori Tere Pyar Mein.

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