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    Default Exclusive: Flops wake up Salman Khan, finally

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    Exclusive: Flops wake up Salman Khan, finally
    The notorious bad boy image withstanding, Salman Khan was known to care a damn about his image in the industry circles as well as the media but now he is a changed person. It perhaps may be the string of flops that he saw in last 16 months or a sense of maturity dawning upon him, Salman changing for the better.

    Salman Khan has been known for his attitude and coming late on the sets but he has now changed his lethargic attitude towards his film Veer. The actor has reportedly been reporting on the sets dot at nine in the morning and shooting till late in the evening. This has surprised every single person on the sets.

    Salman has never been so up and about his films. He has never bent his rules even for his brother Sohail Khan's film Main Aur Mrs. Khanna.

    Sohail had earlier even commented, "Salman is a master on his own. He will not change his rules because I am a brother. When he is on my set I am just a producer for him."

    But working for his dream project Salman really seems to have changed completely.

    It was reported that he had given up his bouts of drinking and now members of the unit claim that Salman is on the sets early in the morning even before the others arrive. He has taken the film seriously and is really working hard.

    His director Anil Sharma vouches for Salman's sincerity and tells us, "Yes Salman has changed a lot he comes on the set in the morning and shoots the whole day without a single break. He is putting all that he can into this film to make it a success."

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    Thank you very much for sharing with us.

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    poor salu........ hope he gets a hit soon



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