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    Default No one lets go of an erring celebrity, says Dino

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    When a celebrity gets caught breaking traffic rules, the news gets hyped -- and justifiably so, says actor-producer Dino Morea, who feels that officials feel happier when catching a known face as it makes their work more visible.

    Asked to comment on the way a celebrity's drunken driving is dealt in a hyped way vis-a-vis they way it is done in the case of a common man, Dino said: "That is hyped. Because he is a celebrity and people do not let go of such opportunities. If they (traffic officials) catch hold of a celebrity, they feel like they are proving that 'Yes, I work'."

    The 36-year-old spoke on the sidelines of the Total Quartz safety run, a traffic awareness campaign organised by a radio station and Total Oil India Pvt Ltd, here Tuesday.

    Dino says celebrities ought to be more responsible as people look up to them.

    "Celebrities are (supposed to be) responsible persons. Everyone listens to them and do what they say and because of that, he (a celebrity) has to be a responsible person," Dino said.

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