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    Default The entire fight was shot on top of a moving bus

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    It's difficult to pinpoint my toughest scene, as I have done a large body of work. But if I have to, I would choose the scene where I am fighting naked, covered in multani matti in the film Nayak. It was shot in Chennai. Gosh, I often remember that and it still gives me goose bumps.

    Obviously, I wasn't actually naked. It was an illusion and I had worn skin-coloured underwear. But I'll tell you why it was so tough.

    One, the multani matti couldn't have been completely clean. I got a skin reaction. On top of that we shot the scene for 10 days.

    Two, I had to pump up my body at regular intervals, so that I don't feel cold.

    Three, I had to frequently remove the multani matti completely from my body and apply it again. Remember, multani matti dries very quickly.

    Four, the surroundings were not conducive in terms of safety. I was surrounded by a lot of metal castings. So there was always a risk of getting hurt.

    The entire action in Nayak was not easy to carry out. The bus fight is also close to being my toughest scene. The entire fight was shot on the top of a moving bus. Balance karna difficult tha, bahut difficult. Plus, there was such a crowd watching it all.



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