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    Default I enjoy reading a book more than watching a movie: Onir

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    Filmmaker Onir prefers reading a book than watching a movie.

    My personal de-stress mantra is
    My day starts by going out in the open for jogging and then come home and read the newspaper while having tea. I'm habituated to this morning ritual of mine. I do not meditate or do yoga but instead I go jogging and swimming. Earlier, I did like going to the gym but for sometime now I have been going for jogging at a park near my home. I like going there because they have an open gym-like area where they have weights. I do this five days a week for an hour at least. I really like going there because I can workout in the open where there is plenty of fresh air and I can hear the bird's singing. Also, there is no loud music and bumping into sweaty people.

    In my leisure time

    I like watching movies but I enjoy reading a book better than watching a movie and that's because when I'm reading a book my imagination comes alive picturing the different people, places and events. Whereas, when I'm watching a movie, I'm already presented with someone else's visual imagination. I regularly read especially fiction and Latin-American authors, lately I'm reading a lot of Salman Rushdie and thoroughly enjoy it.

    My hobbies are

    I love cooking and find it very therapeutic. I like experimenting with different cuisines and love cooking for my friends. I believe in spending quality time with family and friends rather than partying out. But when I'm abroad, I party out a lot because I love to dance.

    Tips to de-stress

    The kind of life that we all live today is very taxing and hectic. There's so much to do in such little time that leaves us mentally and physically tired. Therefore, each one of us needs to indulge in activities to relax our body and mind. I recommend exercising and inculcating hobbies. Also, switching of your mobile phone while working out is important.



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