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    Default The enigmatic life of Aamir Khan

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    I can’t deny Aamir is the most adventurous performer in India. Unlike the other two members of the Khan triumvirate, Aamir has taken risks, gone against the flow and generally been more than just a mega-star.

    What’s more, I’ve always found him to be extremely true to his word. If he had ideological differences with Ram Gopal Varma and a fellow-journalist, no amount of reasoning would convince him to the contrary…..if he thought popular awards were rigged, he didn’t change his mind about boycotting them even when Lagaan and Aamir won a truckload of trophies. (Incidentally, Varma and Khan disagree on everything except on the issue of awards: neither attends awards functions).

    At one point of time I was actually close enough to Aamir to reason with him. He seemed to listen to what I had to say, though I suspect he made his own decisions independent of extraneous opinion.

    Aamir was too polite to argue back. But I knew he was capable of fighting back when pushed against the wall. Here was a man who would stand by his convictions. And my admiration for these qualities spilled over into my writing….until “The Image” and “The Man” decided to part ways….

    But oops, we’re jumping the gun. I got to know Aamir 10 years ago. It was the night of Diwali when the phone rang. An alien voice introduced itself. “Hi. I’m Aamir Khan…had to call because Asha Aunty asked me to.”

    He was referring to my dear friend Asha Parekh, a close friend of the Khan family, whom I had asked for an introduction.
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