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    Default Emraan says he won't join Social-networking sites

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    Where some stars love to follow the trend of B-town, the bollywood Serial Kisser Emraan Hashmi believes in totally a different concept. Emraan Hashmi who is known for his portrayal of bold characters feels that social networking sites are not his cup of tea and he is better away from them.

    We know that social networking site twitter is the most popular one amongst almost all the stars where they love to express their views. But Emraan Hashmi has his own reason and philosophy to stay away from this web club.

    In fact, even his Twitter account is run by someone else, and that too with the purpose to promote his films. Recently, when asked if he would have an online presence, Hashmi said, "It's not for me." However, his friend reveals that the actor takes pleasure in reading catty comments on online forums! Now that's naughty!

    But he admitted that social networking sites serve as a wonderful platform for the publicity of a film. Its a wonderful platform to do the publicity of a film and it is a wonderful way to reach out to the youth as it is very, very popular. Anyone in any kind of marketing cannot afford to ignore the social networking platform, said Emraan.

    Well, we guess his attitude has shown a real star in him who loves and believes in his work. Rather than tweeting on twitter, he tweets through his work.



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