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    Default Is Emraan the villain in Murder 2?

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    The cat was out of the bag a few days back when the identity of the main villain in Murder 2 was revealed. Though the makers had made all attempts to keep the actor's identity as secret, it was revealed that the man in picture is none other than Prashant Narayanan. So while one looks forward to the exploits of the talented actor who has seldom disappointed in his half a dozen odd appearances so far, there is another twist in the tale. Now it is also being insinuated that Emraan Hashmi himself could be the real villain of the show, as was the case in the first of the series, Murder.Ask Emraan if this indeed is true and he says with a trademark mischievous grin,

    "I don't see any role as positive or negative. Pick up most of my films, say for example Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai. Now the character that I played there was as positive or negative as that of Ajay (Devgn)." However, as one tries to scratch the surface and enquire further details from Emraan about his character in Murder 2, he shies away from revealing much. "If I do that now, what would be left for audience to figure out", he smiles, "This is the reason why right through the film's promotion we haven't even tried to imply whether the character played by me belongs to a positive or a negative zone. In Murder it was fairly straight forward since the character I played was by itself so imposing that you knew he would be a negative guy. More than that I don't want to say anything more about Murder 2. If I do that, audience would gather certain perception and it would spoil all the fun."
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    It sounds that the serial killer element would bring in more thrills and edge of the seat drama than the first in the series of Murder franchise..
    Continuing to talk about Murder 2 being an unabashed take on 'bold and shocking' affairs, Emraan justifies it to be the demand of the franchise created by the Bhatts.
    hope this would be much better than Murder 1......
    The promos are out and looks awesome...

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