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    Default Emraan packs in more punch

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    Even as the news of Dawood Ibrahim announcing his successor is out, the star who supposedly plays a young Dawood in Once Upon a Time in Mumbai, is playing it safe.

    And even though Wikipedia mentions producer Suniel Shetty saying that this film is inspired by the 1984 Sergio Leone classic Once Upon A Time in America, all Emraan Hashmi says, is: ďThese articles keep coming out. Let the film be made and only then, can one decide.Ē The actor speaks to CT on how he is getting a lean look to step into the gangsterís shoes, yet again, that is.

    Your onscreen kisses have packed in enough punch to set the box-office on fire. Why hit the gym when youíve never been a fitness freak?

    Iím trying to pack in more punch! Iíve never trained this hard. Iíve always been concerned with fitness and have done my share of weight-training and walks for three to four days in a week. But I decided to go for this rigorous training simply because my character in Milan Luthriaís Once Upon A Time in Mumbai required it.

    Has height been a disadvantage?

    Iím 5í9Ē. Had I been taller, a bulky physique would have suited me fine. But if I try that now, I might look stunted. I will begin shooting for Once Upon... in end-May or early June. With so little time to shape up, my trainer told me I had unrealistic goals! Iím not looking at building abs per se. Pack-building is a selling point for the media. Milan hasnít insisted on weight-training. We are building on strength and endurance. The initial four days of training were very difficult. I felt like throwing up in the heat. But the body gets used to it when it hits a plateau.
    No pizzas for me. Iím surviving on sugarfree chai!

    Did you feel like discontinuing?

    My trainer asked me if I had it in me to go the whole hog. I told him, ĎI donít have an optioní. My workout is goal-oriented. Itís not because I want to go shirtless or dance with five women in a film. I have to look tough in this testosterone-charged film.

    Though you refuse to go on record about your character being inspired by a young Dawood Ibrahim, whatís the toughest aspect of your role?

    The character is still being etched out. A film-maker gives me a sense of direction, but I always bring to the table, nuances about the character that I imagine while reading the script. The nuances can, however, change when I start shooting. My character has to have a lived-in feel to it.

    Arenít you running the risk of being Indiaís most hated actor?

    Had that been the case, I would have been the most hated actor by now, for having played so many negative characters. Iíve seen people abuse my character in Gangster and empathise with me in Jannat.

    But there is a difference between a fictitious character and a flesh-and-blood man who isnít in the good books of law-keepers...

    I canít say if the film will make people hate or empathise with my character. As an actor, I am ready to risk taking up roles that bring out emotions in my audience.

    Speaking of love, is it true that Sharmila Tagore was present on the sets of Tum Mile to ensure that your steamy scenes with Soha werenít too hot for the Censor Board?

    Iíve never met her on the sets, but I know she trusted me to shoot with her daughter. And what an experience it was! We were recreating the Mumbai floods, and even though the water recycling process was on, I could still see tadpoles, lizards and ****roaches floating in the water, as we shot. Once or twice, I really wanted to leave the sets and run for cover. But what pushed me to continue was my commitment to the film and the conviction of finally seeing it done.

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