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    Default Emraan inspired by Oscar winner Whitaker for Shanghai?

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    Cast and crew of Shanghai haven't shied away from the fact that their film is based on the novel titled 'Z'. However the story that hasn't been told is that there could be more than one inspiration at play here. Apparently the core theme of the film has striking similarities with Hollywood thriller Vantage Point (2008) and Emraan Hashmi could well be reprising the role that was originally played by Oscar winner actor Forest Whitaker.

    "It has just been revealed that Bengali superstar Prosenjit Chatterjee, who plays a highly educated and dynamic politician in the film, would be seen dying eleven times in the film, in different ways and patterns. That is because eleven people witness his murder and hence each one of them explains to the police about the incident as per their vision", informs a source.

    Now Vantage Point had a similar plot as the attempted assassination of the American President was told and re-told from eight different perspectives. However, Shanghai has now gone three steps up and with 11 different points of views, Shanghai starts with Prosenjit's death and revolves around the mystery of his murder.

    "Similarities are two hard to be ignored, especially since in Vantage Point, Whitaker played an American tourist who recorded a video camera. Since in Shanghai, even Emraan shoots videos with a camera always on his side, it isn't tough to add two and two together and see obvious similarities at play here", the source adds.

    Directed by Pete Travis, Vantage Point had seen quite some critical claim coming its way due to its unique presentation and storytelling. Knowing Dibakar, once can expect him to push the envelope as well because when it comes to unique storytelling, he has already made a mark for itself. His last release Love Sex Aur Dhokha was also shot with hand held camera while telling stories from different perspectives.

    Dibakar was unavailable for comment.



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