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    Default Emraan Hashmi is tired of doing erotic roles

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    Emraan Hashmi, known as a serial kisser having kissed all his heroines in most of his films that he has worked in, is tired of doing erotic roles.

    Avers Emraan, “Though I will not give up doing bold roles, as that is my USP, I would also want to try out different genre films for my own mental peace. Further, every actor wants to do films which have a universal appeal as well. ”

    He will not even do any other sequels after Raaz 3 that releases this Friday. “This will also come in my way of attempting varied characters as we get limited roles in terms of genres. From now on, I will try different films, which in turn may spawn their own franchises in the times to come.”

    The actor has also no qualms that he is not part of the Rs 100 crore club yet. “Though I would very much like my films to be part of the Rs 500 crore club, but I don’t like to do films just for the sake of raking in a huge moolah. I turned down a few scripts that would have reached that level as it had the type of comedy which people like. Unfortunately, I don’t understand them. I do projects that appeal. If those films reach the Rs 100 crore mark, there’s nothing like it, if not, I will be happy even if they do a decent business. I am more concerned to be known as a consistent actor and not someone who first gave a Rs 100 crore business with one film and then followed it up with a big dud.”

    Emraan also speaks about his last film Shanghai. “We always knew that this political thriller will have a limited reach since it deals with a truth about our country which we don’t want to face up to. Though the film was liked by the elite, the masses didn’t like it as they didn’t want see their everyday problems on screen.”

    Going down memory lane Emraan points out that although he has been around the industry since past nine years his journey only started in 2007 with Jannat. “Prior to that, I was not really interested in my career.”

    “You all know that I began as an assistant director in Raaz. Acting (Footpath) just happened and I did not have much knowledge about perceptions, box office, or doing different types of characters and hence I got stereotyped. So I regard it as warm up period. Now, I am much more serious about my job.”

    Do you want to silence your detractors after your recent successes like Murder 2, The Dirty Picture and Jannat 2? “I don’t think that any other actor has been as talked about as me, but I don’t wish to reply knowing the fact that out of the several films we make, some would be liked while some would not be. I let my work speak for itself. I know it for sure that once your films work, everybody would be silenced automatically.”

    Well said…Emraan!!!

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    great news !!



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