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    Default Itís embarassing to be known as Akramís girl

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    Pakistani model-turned actress Humaima Malick is not amused or flattered by the constant linkups with Wasim Akram. Angry with the media for crowning her Sushmita Sen's successor as the cricketer's love interest, Humaima lashes out, ďWasim has kids. I have a family. We're both answerable to people in our lives. It becomes very embarrassing for me to be known as Wasim Akram's girlfriend. Just because I'm a girl, do I need to be identified by the presence of a man in my life?Ē

    The linkup with the ex-captain of the Pakistani cricket team, has severely inconvenienced the actress in the past. Recalling one such incident, Humaima says, ďI was ready to visit India to support Shah Rukh Khan's IPL team Kolkata Knight Riders. And that was not because Wasim was the team's coach. Unfortunately, the Indian press went to town linking my visit to Wasim. As a result of which, I had to cancel my trip.Ē

    Puzzled and a little miffed by people's fascination with cricketers and celebrities, the actress adds, ďBeing linked with a cricketer seems to be a big deal. Every Indian journalist asks me about Wasim. As if that's all there is to me. In fact an Indian journalist who flown down to Pakistan, returned with gossip about Wasim and me. Even in Pakistan, people are equally inquisitive. Even if we go out for a cup of coffee, people start speculating. Bing a celebrity, it is very difficult for me to do normal things without being judged.Ē

    Speaking from Lahore, Humaima blames the Indian press for constantly linking actresses and with crickters. ďI guess it makes for really glamorous pictures. I noticed that in India, linking actresses with cricketers has become a trend. Wasim was supposed to be seeing Sushmita Sen. And now, he's linked to me. Should I feel flattered? Not at all. I am not a walkover. I am not happy to be known as somebody's girlfriend. I was a supermodel and the Pakistani brand ambassador for an international brand of shampoo, before being selected by Shoaib Mansoor for my first film Bol,Ē says the actress.

    Talking about her deglamorised role in her debut film, the actress adds, ďI had to go completely against my image. I had to cut my nails short and sport non-threaded eyebrows. I wasn't allowed to use any makeup. It was tough and I protested. But the results have been rewarding. I feel that I have changed as a human being.Ē

    All set to come to India for the release of her film Bol, Humaima says is open to Bollywood offers as well. ďAnd why only Bollywood? I'm ready to do a Hollywood film, if offered. So far Bol has fetched me recognition from all over the world. I've been invited to India for the film's release. And I look forward to doing films in Bolywood. But Pakistan will always be home,Ē concludes the actress.



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