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    Default Ekta Kapoor to set up in-house distribution wing

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    After the stupendous success of her last few films, producer Ekta Kapoor now wants to venture into distribution. She is planning to set up an in-house distribution wing just like Yash Raj Films and UTV Motion Pictures. The distribution wing will be headed by her maternal uncle Ramesh Sippy, who recently rejoined her company.

    Ekta first discussed the idea with her parents and after they seconded it, she had a long meeting with the top officials of the company. They all agreed that the idea of having an in-house distribution wing as it makes a lot of business sense and will ensure relatively higher returns on every venture.

    The CEO of Balaji Motion Pictures, Tanuj Garg, feels that setting up an in-house all-India distribution infrastructure is only logical for a company like Balaji that is at the forefront of content creation and marketing.

    Balaji Motion Pictures' distribution business is expected to take off in the next four months. For the time being, the new team will occupy one of the floors in the existing Balaji office in Andheri. However, they are planning to have a larger office built for their new team.



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