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    Default Eesha Koppikhar 's black belt test next month

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    Eesha Koppikhar 's black belt test next month
    Eesha Koppikhar (yes, that's how she spells it now) is currently shooting for a reality show called 100% in South Africa. Eesha anchors the wrestling show. This is her first time as an anchor, though she earlier appeared as a judge on a dance reality show.

    Apart from anchoring, Eesha is also busy preparing for her Taekwondo examination next month.

    A martial arts student, Eesha spends around three hours daily practising for her exam. She says, "My exam's in the first week of September so I don't have much time left." Although the show occupies most of her time, she trains every day for as long as she can. She has been practising martial arts for the last eight years and is appearing for the 1 Dan level which is quite tough.

    She adds, "It requires discipline and dedication. I am making sure that I don't take it lightly. I'm very passionate about martial arts and respect the sport."

    Eesha was also excited to meet Dara Singh who is mentoring the contestants on the wrestling show. "He is a great role model for all young wrestlers of our country. He is like a father figure to me and gives us sensible advice on issues we face on the show."

    When asked what got her attracted to the sport, she says, "India is a land where 'kushti' was born but there are not many takers for wrestling. With this show we would like to create awareness in viewers."


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