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    Default DU doesn’t want Honey Singh for college fests

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    Many colleges in DU say the singer is 'not worthy' of performing at the fests this year

    After his big Bollywood debut with Cocktail, and many other chartbusters that followed, many at Delhi University were expecting Honey Singh to be the next big thing during this year's fest season. But after questions were raised about the lyrics of his songs, DU colleges have decided to stay away from the controversial singer and are going in for safer options like Kailash Kher, Mika and KK instead. The faculty members in many colleges have put a blanket ban on Honey Singh this fest season. While some student unions cite his increasing fee as the reason, many others are clear about him being "unworthy" of performing in their college.

    Honey singh is not worthy of performing at our fest
    Not just the faculty, but the students' union members have decided to boycott Honey Singh for the popular star night. Pratyush Rai, prime minister, Hindu College, said, "For the star night, we look for big performers who can keep the huge crowds engrossed for two to three hours. In our union, it is a collective choice not to call Honey Singh. We don't consider him to be a star worthy of performing at Hindu."

    College mein hi protest ho jaayenge
    After the Delhi gang-rape protests and the Honey Singh controversy , says Ajit from the Hansraj College students union, the singer's popularity has been affected. "Humare college ke students hi toh protest karte hain. If we so much as suggest his name, college mein hi protests ho jaayenge. Also, his popularity has gone down after the gang-rape. So we are not considering him."

    We want to keep our fest away from controversies
    Anubhav from Kirori Mal College adds, "He is not even on the list of the performers that we are considering. Our principal has banned him and even we, the students union members, are against him because of his lyrics and music. Honey Singh has been in a controversy because of lyrics; we want to keep our fest away from all that."

    Our principal struck honey singh off the list of performers
    Honey Singh performed at Mosaic 2012, the annual Ramjas College fest. But this year, their principal has removed the singer from the performers list. Imran from the students union of Ramjas told us, "Till last year, Honey Singh wasn't that big, so the students union could afford him. But that's not the case now. Apart from the cost issue, his performance became a problem during the last fest (there was a stampede during his performance in Ramjas last year). The kind of people who show up for a Honey Singh gig can get rowdy. The crowd got out of hand and there was a stampede last time. This year, when we began planning our fest, our principal banned Honey Singh on Day 1 itself."

    Students aren't too excited about him now
    Honey Singh performed at Bhagat Singh College too last year. But this year's general secretary, Pranav, says that they are not considering him this time because of his increased fee. "Ever since he started singing for Bollywood, he has increased his fee too much and he doesn't fit our budget anymore. There is a very mixed response among the students, unlike last year, when everyone was excited about his performance. So we're not taking our communication forward with him."



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