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    Default Drunken Mika Singh misbehaved with Simran Mundi

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    It seems that pop singer Mika Singh likes to be talk of the town not for his music but for his behavior with girls at parties. Some years back, he targeted item girl Rakhi Sawant and now, itís former Miss India Universe Simran kaur Mundi.

    According to reports, Simran was partying with her beau Sunny Gill where Mika join with his friends. If sources to believed, singer was completely drunk and kept picking up random arguments with people.

    He misbehaved with Simran which didnít go well with her beau and results both fighting. Sunny tried to avoid the pop singer, but he followed them till the exit and started passing lewd comments, eventually it turned into a huge fight.

    Simran detailed the incident, ĎI donít even know Mika. He was introduced to me by a common friend at the party. I spoke to him for a few minutes and suddenly, he started making advances. I believe, he must have got angry as I warned him to stay away and not get close.í

    Sunny Gill told the media that Mika had no respect for the ladies, he just wanted to ask him to lay off.

    Whereas Mika said, ĎI donít even know them. And let bygones be bygones. These things keep happening at parties.í

    Hope Mika Singh will change his attitude and learn to behave with girls.



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