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    Default Dostana 2: John-Abhishek go Miami to Punjab

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    Dostana 2: John-Abhishek go Miami to Punjab

    K Jo’s funny treatment of homosexuality was quite appreciated with ‘Dostana’. In spite of a few minor objections here and there

    It was fun to watch out the antics of two straight men pretending to be gays and now the fun will continue in the sequel to the last year’s comic hit.

    Well, nobody thought about a sequel to the film, while making ‘Dostana’, but producer Karan Johar and director Tarun Mansukhani are currently looking forward to making another version of the gay comedy considering the response to the movie.

    Director Tarun Mansukhani is still working on the plot as he wants to make a sequel just for the sake of it. He wants a gripping story to support him.

    Abhishek and John Abraham, the hit ‘couple’ will be there. Abhishek thinks ‘Dostana’ is like a brand and one needs to make a sequel to the film.

    However, the story of Priyanka Chopra and Bobby Deol who united towards the film’s end finishes and a fresh new female face is most likely to be a part of the story. The styling of the film is likely to be good much like most K Jo films.

    The story of ‘Dostana 2’ will take the two friends from Miami to Punjab and they clarify to everyone that they aren’t gays, but much like ‘Kal Ho Na Ho’ (but of course in a bigger way) they are unintentionally caught in such situations and no one believes them.

    Now this sounds exciting. K Jo would sure have enough ideas to share with his director.

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    Thank you dear

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    cant wait for this loved the first one



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