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    Default Donate only if you can afford: Salman Khan

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    The man with a heart of gold is one again on a noble mission. Making the song “Jo day us ka bhi bhalla jo na day us ka bhi bhalla” his anthem, Salman Khan is on an agenda to get his fans show him their love by helping an NGO build a school.

    Though Salman’s social activities in association with Being Human are highly read and talked about, this instance he has urged his fans come forward and donate whatever little amount they can to help an NGO - ‘Shloka missionaries’ to build a school in a rural area.

    “This is not for the ‘Being Human’ charity, this is about being human. This is Prof Sandeep Desai's charity for the rural school he wants to build,” said Salman Khan pleading his support for the cause to build a school every year.

    But at the same time, Salman asked his fans to not get over excited and go over board with the charity. The hot star told his friend to help only if they can and also told them, “kangaals work towards being malamaal. No need to do any charity. We all pray that very soon you will have maal,” said Salman when he received replies from some fans revealing to him that they wished they could donate but don’t have enough resources.

    But jiska koi nahi uska Salman Khan hai. The actor made it clear, “It was wrong on my part to tweet you guys to donate, every body works and always falls short every month. I shall make sure that I will make one school for him every year till the time I am here. So please don’t stress guys.”
    ...being a human...



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