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    What SRK, Shirish Kunder and Farah Khan have done is indeed laudable. Differences within a family or a close circle of friends are inevitable. But when it snowballs into a full-blown fight, it does get a bit awkward and the only ones to benefit from the same are those on the sidelines wanting to take sides and get entertained by the tamasha. The ones going through the trauma of a relationship gone sour are the ones hurting the most. It's not about who landed how many blows, and who said what. When the dust has settled and the anger has dissipated, it's about how could so many years of friendship be thrown away just like that, and for what?


    Thankfully, Farah was guided right by those meaning well around her. She took the initiative to extend the Olive Branch and SRK and Gauri were graceful in accepting it.



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