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    Arrow don`t take any kind of hard drinks: Neha Bamb

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    don`t take any kind of hard drinks: Neha Bamb
    Q. Are you a complete foodie or do you watch what you eat?
    A. I try to watch the food what I eat and then I strike the balance.

    Q. Your favorite cuisine ?Continental/Oriental/Indian/ anything else.
    A. My favorite cuisine is Italian.

    Q. What would you prefer - Homemade food (Ghar Ka Khana) or outside food?
    A. I prefer to eat homemade food. It?s only on some occasions that I go outside for a meal.

    Q. Your preference - Veg or non-veg food?
    A. Actually I am a vegetarian.

    Q. Drink you like to gulp in along with your food?
    A. I like juices to gulp along with my food.

    Q. Your favorite beverage?
    A. My favorite beverage is panna which is of kachha kerry.

    Q. Any hard-drink that you take?
    A. No, I don't take any kind of hard drink.

    Q. What about junk food?
    A. I don?t normally eat junk foods. Then, too, if I have to have any, I go for burgers only.

    Q. Your favorite fast food joint?
    A. My favorite fast food joint is Mc Donald's.

    Q. Favorite restaurant?
    A. I like to go to Taj.

    Q. Your take on diet and health food?
    A. I think there should be a balance in between junk and healthy food. If everyday you will go through diet and healthy food, then you will get bore. So I go outside once in a week and have ice creams or fast food.

    Q. Which would be that one dish which you will not be able to resist?
    A. The one dish that I will not be able to resist is pasta.

    Q. Could you share the recipe of the same with us?
    A. Actually I am not a good cook at all so I don?t experiment with it.



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