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    Default I donít envy them at all: Mandira Bedi

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    Hereís Mandira Bediís take on the emotional ups and downs of the IPL players she gets to see up close

    Whatís the one thing you know about the IPL games that no one else does?
    Iím allowed to sit right on the boundary. Itís a strange feeling to see the expressions of the batsmen when theyíve got out and are walking back to the pavilion. If theyíve been dismissed because of a careless shot, their faces mirror a terrible low. For some, itís so difficult to take that walk of shame. Some donít even want to come out to the dug-out for hours after getting out. But if theyíre captaining the team, they have to still battle their blues and come out. I watch their emotional highs and lows, and trust me, I donít envy them at all. Itís such a high pressure job. When they are doing well, everyone puts them up on a pedestal. But when they donít, people can be very ruthless.

    Youíve quizzed Shah Rukh Khan on Sourav Ganguly. Whatís your take on the way Dada has been treated?
    Everyone is entitled to a bad start. Although Dada is primarily a batsman, he took two crucial wickets against Kings XI Punjab. Had he got a chance, he wouldíve had the confidence to give a knockout performance with the bat, too. There are some players who shine individually even when theyíre captains. Ponting and Gilchrist have been superb players individually. For others, captaincy sometimes weighs on them.

    Are you saying that not being a captain is good for Dada as far as the Kolkata Knight Riders is concerned?
    Dada is known for his awesome comebacks. Every time people thought he wouldnít be able to make it, Dada has done so well and South Africa has been lucky for him. The fact that he doesnít have the pressure of captaincy on him and the records of experienced players doing well on the cricket field during the IPL will work in Dadaís favour.

    SRK told you he doesnít fight with girls when you asked him about Shilpa Shetty being the latest addition to the IPL owners.
    He said it in good humour. I believe he wanted to say that he doesnít fight with a lady. He said his son fights with girls but he doesnít.

    A lot is being written in the media about Graeme Smith probably dating Prince Harryís ex Chelsy Davy.
    I read about it on the Net. In South Africa, there isnít much tabloid journalism. When I interview Smith, Iíll definitely ask him about it.

    Finally, why is Mandira Bedi all covered up while hosting the shows?
    I did go strapless the first day. Itís very cold here now. The day the sun shines, Iíll go back to my Ďminimalistí self.

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