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    Arrow Don’t Call Me Glam-Doll: Kareena Kapoor

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    Say Kareena Kapoor and you will find words like Sexy, Stylish and Glam-doll synonymous with her name. She got better like wine in the last 10 years of her career as an actress. But Kareena claims that she hates it when people call her a Glamour Queen.

    “I should be recognised as an actor. I take it as an insult when they call me ‘Bollywood Goddess’. I did not do roles like Omkara, Dev, Jab We Met to be known as a glamour queen,” says Kareena.

    She has definitely mellowed down, there was a time when people said she was unprofessional and snobbish. She recently performed in Ahmedabad, she says, “I studied in a Gujarati school and I love Gujarati food. I have been asking for it ever since I came here.” And the rising mercury doesn’t really bother her. In her characteristic cool way, she says now everybody in India is used to the heat. “There’s no point in cribbing about it,” she says


    Kareena has three films lined up for this year Kambakth Ishq, Three Idiots and Jihaad this year. Talking about she said, “Kambakth Ishq was a learning experience with Sylvester Stallone. You realise that unlike Bollywood actors, Hollywood actors come without any baggage or entourage. They are not spoilt like us and they don’t require a huge number of people to travel with them. They are much more professional.” Next, there’s continuous talk about her love life but the Kapoor girl has learnt to live with it. “There are instances when I get annoyed because Saif and I are quite non-filmi in that context. I am the kind of person who’s very comfortable in my own zone. I don’t bother about what is written or what everyone else is speculating. But I feel I have always spoken about my relationships with respect.”

    Talking about her relationship with Saif, she says, “The most important thing about a relationship is “that we are happy right now. We do live separately but we spend a lot of time together. I really don’t know what happens tomorrow, but now, I enjoy my time travelling and running away to undisclosed destinations of Europe with him. We are really a very ‘settled’ couple.”

    She doesn’t like the tag zero-size, “Do I look like one? Look at my arms, my frame. Every girl dreams to be thin. I did lose a lot of weight for Tashan. I used to be round like my father in my Refugee days, but I am definitely not size zero. I eat, I do yoga for an hour everyday and there are days when I don’t look pretty. People should realise that.”

    Five years from now Kareena sees herself married to beloved Saifoo and she says, “Yes, I will continue working even after my marriage. Didn’t Saif’s mother continue to work after marriage?”

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