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    Amitabh Bachchan seems to be in no mood to return from his much-deserved vacation to shoot for Pritish Nandyís Actor

    An over-worked Amitabh Bachchan has been enjoying a well-deserved, but enforced sabbatical. His friend Amar Singhís illness has prompted Mr Bachchan to take a long-overdue sabbatical from his work. And now he seems to be in no mood to return to work in a hurry.

    For the first time in so many years, Mr Bachchan is really taking it easy, and that too at a time when he can ill afford to do so. But then Mr Bachchan is very clear about one thing. He has gone to Singapore to be by his friendís side.

    One of the producers awaiting Mr Bachchanís return is Pritish Nandy. In Nandyís film Actor he portrays just that, an actor. It is the first assignment that Mr Bachchan will take up after he returns from Singapore.

    The film is set to go on the floors. Pritish Nandy, who recently visited Amar Singh and Mr Bachchan in Singapore, says he was pleasantly surprised by how relaxed Mr Bachchan seemed. Nandy tells us gladly, ďAmar Singh has recuperated as much he could, considering the seriousness of his illness. But Mr Bachchan seems in no mood to leave his friendís side right away. Itís almost like he has withdrawn into a cocoon for a while. And we at Pritish Nandy Communications have no problem waiting for Mr Bachchan. Itís wonderful to see him so relaxed and stress-free after years.Ē

    It isnít certain at the moment how long the sabbatical will last. According to those close to him, Mr Bachchan is completely enjoying his time off. And surely, he has earned himself this holiday from work.

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