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    Default I was always disoriented: Chandan Roy Sanyal

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    A few striking lines from a song in a film by Ramu (Ram GopalVarma) have stayed with me since I saw it when I was in school. The song's from 'Shiva', a violent film on college politics in the early 90s. This film is a far cry from the usual college films that revolve around gardens, libraries and lecture halls.

    I did my Mathematics Honors from the Zakir Husain College in Delhi. The college was mostly attended by students from the 'walled area' of old Delhi - Chandni Chowk, Ajmeri Gate, Kashmeri Gate and adjacent areas. As our college was centrally located, we had access to the most amazing kebabs and chops for as cheap as one rupee. And bus transport was almost free, not under any student privilege though. We bossed around on our ID cards we would never pay a buck being from a 'certain college'. And if some bus conductor would insist on paying for a ticket, oh boy, he'd get the thrashing of his life.

    I grew up around aromas of kebab, engrossed in theatre rehearsals and secretly smoking cigarettes in classrooms... political slogans and the breaking of glass every other day was a norm.

    Whenever we'd bunk class, we'd head to a theatre to catch up on movies. I've seen all sorts of films - Bandit Queen, Soldier, Earth, Matrix; my friends and I enjoyed all genre unlike now, since the time I apparently 'understand' cinema.

    My college campus was a breeding ground of ideas, ethos, deep desires, and aspirations, which I'd share with random people on the famous college stairs. I remember some would even look at me with concern, as if I were a lunatic, and needed help. I remember rehearsing for Hamlet Soliloquy on a cycle rickshaw facing the other way. I was always disoriented. And I liked that actually, it felt like defying some Newton's law.

    Quick five

    1. Favourite canteen snack: Omelette sandwich

    2. Favourite subject: Probability and Statistics, Organic Chemistry

    3. College ka crush: I was a rebel poet in those days. There were too many who inspired poetry in me

    4. Topmost 'outstanding' activity: Sitting with Shakespeare or Chekhov or Pinter or Shaw

    5. Hangout budget: A few hundreds a month.



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