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    Default Didn't follow grammar of filmmaking: Madhan Kumar

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    Debutant Tamil director Madhan Kumar feels as an independent filmmaker, he has all the freedom to innovate and doesn't have to necessarily follow any rigid structure of filmmaking.

    "Most successful Tamil films this year have come from debutant directors, with no prior experience in filmmaking. Since I'm also an independent filmmaker, I have the freedom to bring to the table something highly creative without following the grammar of filmmaking," Kumar told us.

    He said independent filmmakers don't always succeed, and like any other director, they can fail too.
    "The success rate is always 50/50. Even independent filmmakers fumble and fail in the process, but they at least have the satisfaction of trying something offbeat," he said.

    His debut film is Tamil romantic-comedy "Yaaruda Mahesh".

    Sundeep Kishan, known for films such as "Shor In The City" and "Prasthanam", is playing the lead alongside Dimple Chopda in the movie.

    "It is an out-and-out comedy film with a romantic plot attached. The story revolves around the hero and his search for the character named Mahesh. Who is Mahesh and why the hero is in search of him, forms the crux of the plot," said Kumar.

    He says having no prior experience in filmmaking worked in his favour.

    "I used to make corporate commercials for my advertising firm Fingerprint Advertising, and one day I decided to write a script. I finished the script in ten days and got my close friends to produce the film. Since I had no experience in filmmaking, I just went with my gut and it helped me make it," Kumar said.

    The film is produced by Satya, Nawaz and Anthony, close friends of Kumar, under the banner Red Studios.

    Kumar adds that the film is targeted at the younger lot in the audience and that is why they have made the trailer as appealing as possible with lot of puns and muted cuss words.

    "My target audience is the younger generation. I intend to entertain them to the fullest and therefore have made the film as entertaining as possible, which means with occasional double meaning dialogues and one-liners", he said.

    The film was shot in about 60 days in places such as Chennai, Hyderabad and Kerala. It is expected to release in the first week of February 2013.



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