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    Default No dialogues in Table No 21 was the USP: Hanif

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    Table No 21 was Hanif Hilal's first foray into Bollywood and surprisingly, the actor who played a bouncer in the film had no lines to mouth!

    But Hanif considers this to his advantage. "I play a silent character and it's very interesting. I looked slightly boyish and gently menacing. As we began shooting, we discovered there was a lot more intensity to the character. This was my first break but I knew the film was not about me. I had to deliver more than the usual. I wanted people to think about my character. I knew I had to be brilliant and the fact that I had no lines in the film was the USP for me. When you have no lines to deliver and act relying on emotions, that's when people talk about your performance", says Hanif.

    Interestingly, this film too fell into Hanif's lap out of the blue. "I was at the right place at the right time. I've met Aditya Datt (director) socially and formally. I just messaged him randomly for work and he messaged back and said he was doing this film. I asked if there was anything for me in it and he told me to come over and hear a narration. I did, liked it and in two hours, I got a prompt call. That's how this film happened".



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