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    Default Dialogue is the star in this social satire

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    'Jolly LLB', starring Arshad Warsi, Boman Irani and Amrita Rao, brings to light the functioning of the Indian judiciary. So naturally, most portions of the film have been shot in courts. While the film seems to be dealing with a serious subject, it is actually a comedy drama, a social satire on the legal system of the country.

    Explains writer and director Subhash Kapoor, "Except for the court scenes, the characters talk in typical Meerut (Uttar Pradesh) style. Arshad Warsi's character Jolly hails from Meerut and they have a particular style of talking, not to forget a great sense of humour. Some of Arshad's dialogues have become very popular with the audience. One of them being, 'Kanoon ke haath lambe hote hai. Ghanta lambe hote hai'."

    A couple of dialogues between Amrita Rao and Arshad have also caught on with the audience. Especially the one where Amrita tells Arshad, 'Kiss nahi karne doongi, baap ka maal hai kya?'. Subhash says none of the dialogues have been added in the film deliberately. "We haven't added any comic element to make the film less serious. The dialogues are not forced."

    Jolly LLB, produced by Fox Star Studios, releases March 15.



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