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    Arrow Dia Mirza fills the void in her life with horses

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    Dia Mirza fills the void in her life with horses
    Dia Mirza loves to be in her own world. If you may be wondering why is she seen in a very few movies nowadays then according to the pretty actress, her hobbies and interests take most of her time which is why she is not signing more movies.

    She tells us, "I do an average of 4 to 5 films a year. I think it is important to do different films instead of signing a lot of them just for the sake of it."

    "Otherwise I am happy doing pottery painting. Apart from painting Dia enjoys horse riding. She has recently joined the Amateur Riding Club (AMC) at Mahalaxmi race course.

    "Horse ridding has been a childhood hobby. I didn't know there are riding classes in Mumbai until Lara joined it. Amateur Riding Club is a huge place. I never knew that such a large space existed in the heart of the city. People come to jog and ride."

    Not just horse riding; this beautiful actress enjoys painting and writing poetry as well. "I've written around 50 poems and my friends compliment me on it. In fact my mother is after me to have them published.

    Maybe someday I will like Anne Franks Diary. I paint; I write poetry and love photography. I am a constant seeker and I keep learning different things to fill the void in my life."

    Dia loves to paint graphics and nature. She explains that her moods and thoughts reflect in her painting.

    "I love painting and that's why when I am angry I paint, when I am sad I paint, when I am happy I paint. I paint in various moods and then gift them to people." She concludes

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