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    Default Desi Charlie’s Angels - Mallika, Priyanka & Bipasha

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    It could not get hotter than this. Imagine the hottest ladies of Bollywood in the hottest avatars as Charlie’s Angels kicking off the bad guys. Well, talking about super hot Mallika Sherawat, Priyanka Chopra and Bipasha Basu, no producer as yet has worked upon the idea of casting them in the desi version of ‘Charlie’s Angels’. It is the tweeting community on Twitter who have come up with this novel idea.
    Sherawat and Chopra have been tweeting regularly on this social networking site and both have developed a sort of bonding with each other. Priyanka, for instance, has wished Mallika good luck for her upcoming film ‘Hisss’, whereas Sherawat praised Priyanka for her success in Bollywood.
    Mallika, on her Twitter Page @MallikaLA, wrote to Priyanka, “The Twitter people want us to do Charlie’s Angels. They said Bips also so we need to get her on Twitter. Gul (Panag) has a strong support too. Priyanka responded saying, “Sounds rocking!”
    We find the idea rocking too. Any producers out there listening?

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    Thank You Very Much For Sharing With Us.



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