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    Default Deepika Padukone talks about Rajnikanth, Siddharth Mallya, property issues and more...

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    Deepika Padukone’s next release is with ‘THE’ Rajnikanth. “Working with him in Kochadaiyyan was very inspiring. The kind of energy he brings to the sets even after working for so many years is amazing… he has that passion one can easily see in his eyes. After his illness I saw the same passion. We are trying out a new technique in Kochadaiyyan, the performance-capturing technique. So it’s a completely new experience with me. While the emotions are what I’ve conveyed, the technique used is completely new.”

    Deepika might dub for the Tamil version of Kochadaiyyan. “As for Japanese or Telugu, I don’t know these languages. The idea is to make this a big international film coming from India. It isn’t only a Tamil language film.”

    Deepika is deeply wounded with reports that Siddharth Mallya has bought her a home. Taking a deep breath the house-proud actress says, “From the time I came to Mumbai I was looking for a particular kind of home which didn’t have to be bought according to the kind of money I made in Mumbai. I’ve been used to a certain kind of lifestyle from long before I came to Mumbai. And I worked hard for it. Thankfully my Dad has handled all my finances pretty wisely. Yeah, I am smart about money. To hear people take away from my achievements by suggesting someone bought my house for me and, worse, that I am going to sell the house is insulting. Buying property in Mumbai is not that simple. I’m just getting used to my home, where’s the question of moving out? I come from a home in Bangalore where we were taught to value what we have. I never took money from my father once I started working. More than me it’s very embarrassing for my parents to read my home has been bought by someone and that I am selling the home that has supposedly gifted. I’m very proud of my house. It’s been a year since I moved on. I wouldn’t dream of moving out.”



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