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    Default Deepika Padukone doesn’t take anything lying down.

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    Deepika Padukone doesn’t take anything lying down.

    She has decided that she’s going to raise her pretty head high and strong and take on any slanderous or negative stuff against her. But that’s not all — like some vigilante from a Death Wish series, she’s going to run down anyone picking on anybody she’s fond of too.

    Recently, when an article said something derogatory about Madhuri Dixit, and Kajol, Lady Dee spouted fire and brimstone. And she took up the issue in front of many media cameras at a Press do, ZOOM of course, got the best bytes, with the 20-something Deepika taking up for her idols and calmly shooting from the lip, “I have grown up watching Madhuri Dixit, she is like a legend to me and one of the finest our industry has seen. And Kajol has always been my favourite and she is still doing films with the best banners. It’s not fair to say that they are seniors. A producer will still cast according to talent. Just because I’m younger, it doesn’t make me any more or less talented”, she said, smiling at the cameras. Righto Deeps. You’re ‘deeper’ than we thought.

    Now hopefully Kadz and Madhuri will stand up for this fiery gal! But we do wonder why she was so angry... and so pro the seniors? After all, she also calls Katrina Kaif
    her ‘senior’ actress, now doesn’t she? Hee hee. Ek teer se do do shikaar, haan Deepika?

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