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    Talking Has Deepika dumped Ranbir for a new man?

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    Has Deepika dumped Ranbir for a new man?
    First boyfriend Nihar Pandya, Dhoni, Yuvraj Singh and now Ranbir Kapoor. Yes, serial dater Deepika could be over latest boyfriend Ranbir as well.

    The buzz is that the young couple's relationship is going through rough weather.

    Deepika and Ranbir had started dating almost a year back. They were considered a hot, dynamic Bollywood couple and have made loads of news.

    But apparently right now they are making news for a dent in their relationship than anything else.. They claim to be together but the news is that they are fighting too much.

    Rumour also has it that Deepika has dumped Ranbir Kapoor and is actually dating a new guy. In fact she's been spotted with a mystery man in an uptown multiplex watching 'Ghajini' recently.

    According to onlookers she raised eyebrows the moment she entered the gate of the multiplex.

    Everyone was expecting Deepika with Ranbir but then they were caught by surprise to see Deepika as the arm candy of someone else.

    Reports say that distance is the main reason of their differences. They are too busy and hardly get time to spend together!

    So this could be the end of yet another B-Town relationship!

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    Thank you so much for sharing .

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    wow deepika moves fast. i wonder if she and ranbhir are really broken are over the break up



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