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    Default Deepika "Cocktail" Padukone in a candid chat with us

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    Deepika Padukone has been earning rave reviews for her super cool performance in her latest film Cocktail which released on Friday (13 July 2012).

    Talking about her character, Veronica, Deepika shared, “She is an attention seeker. Coming from a broken home, she is emotionally unstable. The only thing similar between her and me is that we both exude very strong exteriors while internally we are very sentimental girls.”

    Why the title Cocktail? “For the film is indeed a mixture of friendship, love, emotions.”

    You seem to be doing a lot of films with Saif (Ali Khan). “If you work with somebody known, it saves you the initial awkwardness which you feel with someone new. Having said that, since we have done many different types of films (Love Aaj Kal, Aarakshan, now Cocktail and the upcoming Race 2 which is a thriller), there is no repetitiveness. Saif is also a very spontaneous actor hence no two takes will ever be the same. So as an actor it is a challenge to keep up to pace with that level of energy. What I really like about him is that apart from dedication towards his craft, he can make conversation about many other things as well,”

    So did you guys talk about cricket on sets? “We got lots of trivia about which player help to win which matches.”

    There is very great chemistry between you, Diana (Penty) and Saif as seen in the promos? “Yes, I don’t see any need for any negativity which I feel is a waste of time as I am very secure in the kind of films I choose.”

    You only want to stick to the sexy babe image? “I can only do films which I am offered. I can’t say I want a character like Veronica but she will wear Indian clothes. I would want do more characters like Om Shanti Om, but most directors visualize me only in this urban modern avatar.”

    Deepika also seemed quite happy with the costumes of Cocktail. “Full credit goes to designer Anaita Shroff Adajania (director Homi’s Adajania’s better half). She has given the well written characters the edge and taken in to the next level. I felt so comfortable in the clothes that I automatically started feeling like Veronica. She has managed to create a style rage with my look. Girls aspire to wear what she has designed for me.”

    In closing, Deepika said, “I am quite hopeful that the film will do very well for romance being the universal language of people and everyone, from all walks of life, can enjoy it. The music is also being widely appreciated for its new sound. Music director Pritam has worked very hard and has discovered many new voices.”



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