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    Post Deepika, asin sms buddies !!!

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    The exotic, sparkling, vivacious and kool Asin visits hometown Chennai only to ward off comments that she’s given up doing language flicks. She retorts back saying she’d love to be in language movies, especially masala flicks but the roles gotta be meaty. She preferred the romance in the Tamil ‘Ghajini’ and the action in the Hindi version. But as for her character- Kalpana, she found no difference. But it was ‘Dasavatharam’ with Kamal Haasan that announced that Asin was indeed destined for bigger things. And now, in her new movie ‘The 19th Step’, she is back at work with him. This time he plays her guru in the movie. Her romantic partner in this film is Tadanobu Asano, the superstar from Japan.

    An excited Asin says she’s heard he’s the Brad Pitt of Japan and she can’t wait for their photo shoot soon. She is training rigorously in Kalaripayattu for the movie, and chirps that Kalari has been a beautiful experience for it’s great to come back to the roots. How true are the rumors that she has signed up a Priyadarsan movie with Abhishek Bachchan and one Murgadoss movie with SRK. She’s guarded and refused to discuss projects before they are announced. ‘London Dreams’ will release once the multiplex issue gets sorted out. Though she loves living in Mumbai and working in Bollywood, Asin makes no bones about the fact that it’s Chennai Super Kings for her!

    She talks about unwinding with books, going out with friends for meals Asin says of her friends in Chennai, that she’s very good friends with Geetha (actor Vijay’s wife, Sangeetha), and stays in touch with Vijay, Suriya and Jo, Shoba aunty and SAC sir. And then, it is her tech savvy nature that has made her thick ‘SMS buddies’ with fellow actress Deepika Padukone. But, things haven’t been all that friendly. Asin has had her share of “plain cheap, not vicious rumors”, as she puts it. Though she knows that the food-actress relationship is an anathema, she adores Indian cuisine, and prawn curry is one of my favorites. Finally, Asin shies away from directly responding to whether she would lock lips in a movie. If the camera can produce that gimmick from an angle, so be it, not otherwise for now!
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