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    Default Deepa Sahi's Himalayan task for TERE MERE PHERE!

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    Deepa Sahi's fascination for Himalayas took a real cool turn when she decided to shoot her maiden directorial venture as a road film in the Himalayas. Not an easy task, alright. Considering that the curves of Himalayas were as unpredictable as the box-office and so was the climate!

    TERE MERE PHERE stills

    "Deepa came out with a thought that she would like to shoot a road film in the Himalayas, with newcomers, and it will be a story on marriage and the couple rediscovering each other! Not an easy task, but she was never taken the easy route," grins Ketan Mehta who decided to go the whole way with her.

    Anup Jalota and Ketan Mehta thus got together to aid Deepa in her wanderlust, and thus began TERE MERE PHERE. "As a producer, your wings are clipped and as a director, you want to soar not being shackled by budgets. And I found my dream producers," grins Deepa.

    Adds Ketan, "I always wanted a producer who didn't interfere in the creative process and understood. I thought that I should turn the ideal producer with this film," grins Ketan. Adds Anup Jalota, "Deepa's enthusiasm is contagious. And she sees the film and you see it when she narrates it to you. That is what is beautiful."

    Nevertheless, a war of the sexes in an ambience where the nature is at one moment romancing with you and the other moment, at war with you, was no easy task. And that with newcomers and an actor like Vinay Pathak and Riya Sen, Deepa Sahi's TERE MERE PHERE sure was a roller-coaster ride; one that is full of emotion and humour and reflects the spirit of the maker. Worth a dekho, surely!



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