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    Arrow 'De Dana Dan' is a mad film: Katrina Kaif

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    Katrina Kaif talks to us about the numbers game, people who have made a difference to her career and 'De Dana Dan'.

    Q. Which films/people do you think have contributed most in causing a turning point in your career?

    I think that every movie and filmmaker has helped me a little bit in moving ahead over the years. In this journey of mine, they have all been a great help and guided me into taking a step in the right direction to being successful.

    Q. Why do you shy away from talking about reaching the top position?

    Really, actors never get into the numbers game because it is of no use. See! The point is that if you say that you are there, what is left to achieve? Nothing! right? The best part is to just keep moving on and pick the best roles and filmmakers that come your way.

    Q. Being at the top has its own perks, most importantly the remuneration factor, isn't it?

    See, remuneration is a very personal thing so one should keep that out of the equation. As long as people trust you for working hard and believe that you are a professional, it's great.

    Q. Do you get impacted by all the adulation and superstar talks?

    Frankly, I take it all with a pinch of salt. One can never get too carried away in this industry because at the end of the day, it doesn't help you achieve anything at all. The best way is to look at the work you are doing and continue to make careful choices.

    Q. In 'Namastey London', you played Jasmeet. In 'De Dana Dan', you are yet again playing a Punjabi named Anjali Kakkad. Having fun playing such characters?

    (Laughs) But I am not really speaking in Punjabi and I haven't even put on a Punjabi lingo for 'De Dana Dan'. Since the film is set in Singapore, I talk in regular Hindi and that's about it.

    Q. Are you lucky for Akshay Kumar?

    Come on, none of us have ever thought like that. I don't even think Akshay ever says that he is lucky for me. Same holds good vice versa as well. There is no logic to it, you know. Both of us take one film at a time and do it on its merits rather than just the pairing factor.

    Q. Working in a Priyadarshan setup must have been an entirely different world, right?

    Yes, 'De Dana Dan' is indeed a mad film. The humour out there is crazy. To add to that, there is lot of glamour in it as well, which makes it a good looking, crazy-mad entertainer. I really wanted to do a film with Priyan. I did it just for the experience and I am glad I did it.

    Q. Tell us something about 'Rajneeti'.

    Oh yes, 'Rajneeti' has a very good role. It has a different sensibility to it and it should be a good follow up to the films of mine that have released in 2009. 'Rajneeti' should be a good way to start 2010.


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